Contributing members of the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego.

HFSD Fellows are the recognized contributing members of the Humanist Fellowship of San Diego.

To become a Fellow of the HFSD, you should:

  1. register on our website with an introduction,
  2. and make an annual contribution of $25.

Secured by PayPalPayPal link for the payment:  paypal.me/HFSD/25 - the HFSD annual fee is $25. 

We will accept your candidacy on the next Board meeting, or much sooner if possible.

Fellows can:

  1. submit agenda topics to the Board and participate in the Board meetings,
  2. be voted to and become Directors,
  3. comment on our official site and post on our Fellowship Blog,
  4. officially represent our organization,
  5. and will be gifted honoring pins and can choose to be featured on our website.

Lifetime fellowship - $500: paypal.me/hfsd/500


Publications by the contributing Fellows of the HFSD.