Secular Outreach

Our humanist outreach events, guidelines, video interviews, and films.


"The Booth" with "Ask an Atheist" Table

Please join us in our effort to reach out to nonbelievers, freethinkers, humanists, atheists, and skeptics in the San Diego community. We will be located on El Prado (the pedestrian avenue in-between the two large fountains in Balboa Park), near the lily pond.
The Outreach Booth has two main objectives:
  1. Outreach to other non-believers - to let them know there is a large and welcoming community of secular people with whom they can connect.  
  2. Being positive ambassadors for non-theism - to give passersby a positive impression of the atheist community – whether they stop to talk or not. 
The goal is a positive experience for the guest.

A film about our Secular Outreach Booth in Balboa park in San Diego.