The Outreach Booth has two main objectives:
  1. Outreach to other non-believers - to let them know there is a large and welcoming community of secular people with whom they can connect.  
  2. Being positive ambassadors for non-theism - to give passersby a positive impression of the atheist community – whether they stop to talk or not. 
The goal is a positive experience for the guest.
Founders: Sean, Jim. Organizer: Robert. Treasurer: Pat
The Outreach Booth does not exist to:
  • Convert believers;
  • Win an argument;
  • Proselytize.
Discuss - and do not argue;
Stay constructive - and do not get offended;
  1. Enjoy and support the friendly atmosphere at the Booth. 
  2. Hang out behind the tables, keep the front open for passing pedestrians.
  3. Let people come to us  –  do not invite or urge anyone to engage by any means.
  4. Greet approaching people, give them the freedom to communicate and to choose materials.
  5. The presented literature and signs should directly relate to atheism, humanism, or critical thinking.
  6. Respect conversation flow of others. Ask for a permission to join. Do not interrupt. 
  7. Stay on topic. Move long conversations off to the side.
  8. Keep conversation volumes low. Do not crowd around a discussion.
  9. Maintain secular standpoint. Asking a lot of questions is a very positive approach. 
  10. Calm upset guests – do not escalate. 
  11. If this doesn’t work – stop talking.  Walk away if you have to.
  12. Project a respectable image of atheists and humanist values.
  13. Be accepting of mainstream science, including cosmology and biology.
If there are any issues, please contact Robert immediately.
This booth is self-policing.  We want everyone to feel empowered to help others in maintaining our guidelines.  We are a small minority with a very negative stigma and a huge tide of negative emotion pressing against us.  The responsibility is ours to keep to the high road. 

Have fun!

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See you there!

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