Date, Time and Location:

  • When: Saturday, September 14th, 3 pm (3rd Saturday of every 3rd month, four times a year at 3 pm).
  • Where: Balboa Park (Prado, by the Secular Outreach Booth), San Diego, California.


  1. Confirmations on fundamentals: 
    • HFSD Description: Humanist Fellowship of San Diego is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in San Diego County, California, USA
    • HFSD Mission: To be an informative and uniting resource on secular humanism for all people in the area.
    • HFSD Motto: We believe in good.
    • Functions
      1. Maintain web presence - website, meetup, search engines.
      2. Distribute educational materials in print.
      3. Support Secular Humanist Outreach Booth. 
    • HFSD official site: (forwarding link:
    • Executive Team responsibilities
      • President: public image, web design, meetings.
      • Treasurer: financial accounts, reports, PO box.
      • Secretary: minutes, Agent for Service with the Secretary of State.
    • Board Director responsibilities:
      • Participate in meetings four times a year, RSVP 2 weeks prior.
      • Respond to the HFSD email thread within 2 weeks of the name mentioned by "reply to all". 
        The title of the email is "HFSD Communication" - keep checking for your name mentioned.
    • Members: HFSD membership contribution is  $25 annually.
      To oin, please send a short introduction letter after the payment
  2. Current issues:
    1. John: PO Box payment, PayPal (email and name), bio and photo to publish in first person.
    2. Doug: Minutes on the cloud storage, reporting to the State.
    3. Rob: Table cover (I'll bring a round one) and setup, printing, Spanish translation (?), groups on Meetup, Booth updates to website (direct or embedded).
    4. Wilfredo: participation.
    5. Michael: participation.
    6. Debbie: story (?).
    7. Pins for VIP Fellows.
    8. Yearly report posts on the site by December (officer logins).
    9. Links from social profiles to the main website.
    10. HFSD on maps (Google Business) reviews.
    11. Group photos.


  1. Official Executive Team:
    1. Lena Nechet, President public image, web design, meetings; 
    2. John Palmer, Treasurer financial accounts, reports, PO box; 
    3. Douglas Wright, Secretary minutes, Agent for Service with the Secretary of State; 
  2. Board Directors
    1. Robert Hudson - Secular Outreach Director, member greetings.
    2. Michael McCarronVice-President - equipment storage and inventory.
    3. Debbie Allen - AHA contact.
    4. Wilfredo Perez - book club (unconfirmed).
  3. Invited Community members: Victoria Delatorre, Indra Zuno, Margaret Downey (about the event we sponsored).

Additional Results:

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