Scheduled for June 24, 10 AM
  1. Roles and tasks, workflow, principles (simplicity, autonomy, etc.);
  2. Online presence base (website, google business and maps);
  3.  Social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.) - posting strategy (uniformity, transparency, respectfulness, independence, etc.);
  4. Meetup groups, account, payments;
  5. USPS PO Box (name change, checking, forwarding).

Financial stuff and taxes we'll finish fixing with John (The Treasurer) sometime - bank monitoring, paypal setup, taxes, and state and federal registration with Doug (The Secretary).
Board Meeting 2018 -2 Report

HFSD Board of Directors meeting 2018 2 took place on June 24 in Oceanside California. Five (5) out of six (6) Board Directors attended.


  1. Lena Nechet, President (in person)
  2. John Palmer, Treasurer (in person)
  3. Douglas Wright, Secretary (via Skype)
  4. Michael McCarron, Vice-President (via Skype)
  5. Debbie Allen (via Skype)


  1. Autonomous responsibilities of the executive officers are defined as follows:
    President: (Lena Nechet) - media, public image, general organization, webmaster;
    Treasurer: (John Palmer) - finance, membership payments and greetings;
    Secretary: (Douglas Wright) - documentation, inventory;
    Vice-President: (Michael McCarron) - equipment storage, PO Box.

    The Board agreed with the proposition of the new President about transparency, clarity, and simplified structure of the organization.
  2. Website, google business site, and google maps must be the main official permanent online representation of HFSD.
    The Directors and the key Members should post regular public reports (at least twice a year).
    Event organizers will have ability to post to the official public HFSD calendar, featured on the main site.
    Quarterly Board meetings (on Sunday mornings) and the annual Member meetings will be scheduled on HFSD calendar ahead of time to assure attendance.
  3. The official posts on social media should be relevant to HFSD and local community of secular humanists. Posting strategy from the organization's profiles must be in harmony with the mission of the nonprofit and follow the principles of respectfulness and political neutrality.
    The HFSD official Facebook page should become the main platform for sharing updates and other current HFSD communication with the public.
    All posts will be propagated to other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn automatically for consistency and uniformity on all platforms (to be set up by the President).
    All posts should be monitored by the Secretary (Doug), who must become an admin of the page, and a team of moderators.
    The list of the actively participating page subscribers will be compiled by Debbie and forwarded to Doug to be made moderators or editors.
  4. The HFSD Meetup group will be transferred from Debbie's personal account to HFSD official account, which is linked to the official email address of HFSD.
    This HFSD organizer account should be used only for payments and major management changes (keeping the Meetup account alive).
    The organizing work on Meetup will be accomplished by individual co-organizer, assistant-organizer, and event-organizer individual accounts of members and active supporters.
  5. USPS PO Box name should be changed in person to the organization's name by the Vice-President, Michael, who will check the HFSD Box every two weeks and forward its content, mainly donation checks, to the Treasurer, John.
Thank you very much to all participants! 
Lena Nechet, HFSD President

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