Official Board of Directors Meetings of the nonprofit. HFSD Fellows and invited members of the community are welcome!

We meet every 3rd month - March, June, September, and December - on a 3rd Saturday at 3 pm in Balboa Park.

This event is posted on HFSD public calendar and has 3 reminders: 3 weeks, 3 days, and 3 hours prior to the meeting.

Please RSVP 3 weeks prior with agenda topics, 3 days before the start - required.

Agenda and results:


Date, Time and Location:

  • When: Saturday, September 14th, 3 pm (3rd Saturday of every 3rd month, four times a year at 3 pm).
  • Where: Balboa Park (Prado, by the Secular Outreach Booth), San Diego, California.


  1. Confirmations on fundamentals: 
    • HFSD Description: Humanist Fellowship of San Diego is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit educational organization in San Diego County, California, USA
    • HFSD Mission: To be an informative and uniting resource on secular humanism for all people in the area.
    • HFSD Motto: We believe in good.
    • Functions
      1. Maintain web presence - website, meetup, search engines.
      2. Distribute educational materials in print.
      3. Support Secular Humanist Outreach Booth. 
    • HFSD official site: (forwarding link:
    • Executive Team responsibilities
      • President: public image, web design, meetings.
      • Treasurer: financial accounts, reports, PO box.
      • Secretary: minutes, Agent for Service with the Secretary of State.
    • Board Director responsibilities:
      • Participate in meetings four times a year, RSVP 2 weeks prior.
      • Respond to the HFSD email thread within 2 weeks of the name mentioned by "reply to all". 
        The title of the email is "HFSD Communication" - keep checking for your name mentioned.
    • Members: HFSD membership contribution is  $25 annually.
      To oin, please send a short introduction letter after the payment
  2. Current issues:
    1. John: PO Box payment, PayPal (email and name), bio and photo to publish in first person.
    2. Doug: Minutes on the cloud storage, reporting to the State.
    3. Rob: Table cover (I'll bring a round one) and setup, printing, Spanish translation (?), groups on Meetup, Booth updates to website (direct or embedded).
    4. Wilfredo: participation.
    5. Michael: participation.
    6. Debbie: story (?).
    7. Pins for VIP Fellows.
    8. Yearly report posts on the site by December (officer logins).
    9. Links from social profiles to the main website.
    10. HFSD on maps (Google Business) reviews.
    11. Group photos.


  1. Official Executive Team:
    1. Lena Nechet, President public image, web design, meetings; 
    2. John Palmer, Treasurer financial accounts, reports, PO box; 
    3. Douglas Wright, Secretary minutes, Agent for Service with the Secretary of State; 
  2. Board Directors
    1. Robert Hudson - Secular Outreach Director, member greetings.
    2. Michael McCarronVice-President - equipment storage and inventory.
    3. Debbie Allen - AHA contact.
    4. Wilfredo Perez - book club (unconfirmed).
  3. Invited Community members: Victoria Delatorre, Indra Zuno, Margaret Downey (about the event we sponsored).

Additional Results:

  1. ...


  1. Board Directors' responsibilities.
  2. Rob Hudson Member-to-Director vote.


  1. Board Directors,
  2. Paid HFSD Members can observe or participate.
  3. All Meetup Members are welcome to submit agenda ideas

Date, Time and Location:

March 17th (the 3rd Sunday of the third month), 3 pm, in San Diego North County, California (Oceanside, airport and fire department area, 76 & Benet)

The Board meets in person and via Skype or phone. RSVP Meetup event:


  1. (to be published)


HFSD official Board Director meetings are scheduled every 3 months on the 3rd Sunday at 3 p.m. (333) - in February, May, August, and November - the dates and times can be adjusted.

We will have water, environmentally friendly teas and coffee. You are welcome to bring a small sweet snack or a non-alcoholic drink.


Events on

Please confirm your annual Membership before attending:


  1. Minutes design (Secretary).
  2. Library books distribution.


  1. Lena Nechet, President (in person);
  2. John Palmer, Treasurer (via phone foe the first minutes);
  3. Douglas Wright, Secretary (in person).

Date, Time and Location:

Sunday, December 9th, 1 pm to 2 pm, in Oceanside, California.


  1. Doug designed a layout for the official HFSD meeting minutes, and is to send the Minutes of all 2018 board meetings to all Directors.
  2. Humanist books will be chosen by each Director for their favorite library in San Diego County.
    The books will be purchased online by the Treasurer or President and delivered to the Directors' addresses.
    Then the books will be brought to the libraries by each Director. 


  1. HFSD - AHA Relationship;
  2. Regular meetups and locations;
  3. Financial report (Treasurer) and dues reduction to $25;
  4. PO Box checks;
  5. Minutes (Secretary)
  6. Executive emails setup;
  7. PayPal Here for event payments on location;
  8. Promotional materials orders over $200;
  9. HFSD history for the website;
  10. Honorable members;
  11. Books for libraries in Spanish;
  12. Membership meeting in 2019.


  1. Lena Nechet, President (in person);
  2. John Palmer, Treasurer (in person);
  3. Douglas Wright, Secretary (in person for the last part);
  4. Wilfredo Perez, Director (in person);
  5. Debbie Allen, Director (via phone);
  6. Rob Hudson, Member (in person).

Date, Time and Location:

Sunday, October 21st, 11:30 am to 2 pm, in Oceanside, California.


  1. AHA chapter status was presented by President (Lena) for consideration, including:
    1. our EIN inaccessibility for donations through the major non-profit support sites (held for payments to AHA),
    2. IRS consultation report, independence possibility (~250 + paperwork, via IRS site),
    3. barely existing benefits directly from AHA, unclear how to apply for grants or how to get the funds, and how they are distributed;
    4. no direct help with events other than mailing list of the local donors that is held secret from us,
    5. the AHA contact person did not call back as promised in three months,
    6. no possibility to neither post links to our sites on the AHA page for chapters nor to differentiate our organization from another Humanist association in Sun Diego.
      One Director (Debbie) requested to postpone discussion till the next meeting.
  2. Lena reported on the search for monthly meeting locations, including talking to local libraries in the central county San Diego (Encinitas), where the building is owned by the city, and the nonprofit has no special status and would need to pay as a regular business (~$140 per hour, 2-hour minimum booking) for the community room, according to the city clerk. "Green Dragon" museum and cafe and beer houses were evaluated. All participants agreed to check local libraries, recreational centers and other locations for affordable availability. Rob will talk with Unitarian Church representatives. Parks, beaches and private residences were suggested. Wilfredo will ask his library. 
  3. John delivered a financial report, we increased our funds and saved on fixed expenses online due to the approval of benefits by a hosting company managed by Lena. All voted for the new membership fee of $25. 
  4. PO Box was not checked often enough to prevent void checks and will be moved to be closer to the Treasurer (John). 
  5. Doug is to send the Minutes of all 2018 board meetings to all Directors.
  6. Lena informed about the new official emails for the executive directors, forwarding, and the way to set them up with email programs, including Gmail. The instructions will be sent via email. All Executives are to use these email addresses when communication on behalf of HFSD. 
  7. Lena proposed to avoid additional expenditures on event management sites by ordering a PayPal device to accept card payments on location. This will allow for reduction of work in organizing bigger paid events, and for the ease of attending and hosting. John is to order the phone extension after completing taking charge of the PayPal account from the President. 
  8. President (Lena) will be allowed to order printed promotional materials for up to $300 to take the advantage of the volume discounts. The first order should include outdoor stickers "I believe in good" with Humanist Fellowship of San Diego signature in simple design (round black and white). Additionally, "Yo creo en lo bueno" stickers will be ordered in smaller quantities for testing, as well as bilingual cards about humanism - to reach out to Spanish-speaking community. Rob and John will ask for a correct Spanish translation for the text of the cards. Lena will ask two bilingual humanists to help (Sandra Medina, Victoria de la Torre). 
  9. A full history of the HFSD will not be published on the site. Instead, Debbie will prepare a two-paragraph statement to reflect on the most notable achievements, to be published on the new site by Lena.
  10. Mark Olsson's contributions will be celebrated at the next annual member meeting. 
  11. A list of secular books in Spanish translation was considered for distribution in local city / county libraries. The list is to be confirmed via group email by the next meeting. 
  12. The next annual member-meeting will be combined with Darwin Day 2019 celebrations (officially, Tuesday, February 12) on Sunday, February 10th 2019, and will be organized by Wilfredo. Additionally, Rob Hudson's candidacy for the Board will be considered. 

Thank you for your passionate participation!


Scheduled for June 24, 10 AM
  1. Roles and tasks, workflow, principles (simplicity, autonomy, etc.);
  2. Online presence base (website, google business and maps);
  3.  Social networks (facebook, twitter, etc.) - posting strategy (uniformity, transparency, respectfulness, independence, etc.);
  4. Meetup groups, account, payments;
  5. USPS PO Box (name change, checking, forwarding).

Financial stuff and taxes we'll finish fixing with John (The Treasurer) sometime - bank monitoring, paypal setup, taxes, and state and federal registration with Doug (The Secretary).
Board Meeting 2018 -2 Report

HFSD Board of Directors meeting 2018 2 took place on June 24 in Oceanside California. Five (5) out of six (6) Board Directors attended.


  1. Lena Nechet, President (in person)
  2. John Palmer, Treasurer (in person)
  3. Douglas Wright, Secretary (via Skype)
  4. Michael McCarron, Vice-President (via Skype)
  5. Debbie Allen (via Skype)


  1. Autonomous responsibilities of the executive officers are defined as follows:
    President: (Lena Nechet) - media, public image, general organization, webmaster;
    Treasurer: (John Palmer) - finance, membership payments and greetings;
    Secretary: (Douglas Wright) - documentation, inventory;
    Vice-President: (Michael McCarron) - equipment storage, PO Box.

    The Board agreed with the proposition of the new President about transparency, clarity, and simplified structure of the organization.
  2. Website, google business site, and google maps must be the main official permanent online representation of HFSD.
    The Directors and the key Members should post regular public reports (at least twice a year).
    Event organizers will have ability to post to the official public HFSD calendar, featured on the main site.
    Quarterly Board meetings (on Sunday mornings) and the annual Member meetings will be scheduled on HFSD calendar ahead of time to assure attendance.
  3. The official posts on social media should be relevant to HFSD and local community of secular humanists. Posting strategy from the organization's profiles must be in harmony with the mission of the nonprofit and follow the principles of respectfulness and political neutrality.
    The HFSD official Facebook page should become the main platform for sharing updates and other current HFSD communication with the public.
    All posts will be propagated to other social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn automatically for consistency and uniformity on all platforms (to be set up by the President).
    All posts should be monitored by the Secretary (Doug), who must become an admin of the page, and a team of moderators.
    The list of the actively participating page subscribers will be compiled by Debbie and forwarded to Doug to be made moderators or editors.
  4. The HFSD Meetup group will be transferred from Debbie's personal account to HFSD official account, which is linked to the official email address of HFSD.
    This HFSD organizer account should be used only for payments and major management changes (keeping the Meetup account alive).
    The organizing work on Meetup will be accomplished by individual co-organizer, assistant-organizer, and event-organizer individual accounts of members and active supporters.
  5. USPS PO Box name should be changed in person to the organization's name by the Vice-President, Michael, who will check the HFSD Box every two weeks and forward its content, mainly donation checks, to the Treasurer, John.
Thank you very much to all participants! 
Lena Nechet, HFSD President

Summary of the transitional HFSD Board of Directors meeting:

Former and present key board members - Presidents, Treasurers, and Secretaries - met in person this Saturday, March 31, at 11 am (till 1 pm), at a private location, as was agreed on a conference call on March 18.

All paper documentation with in-depth instructions was transferred:

  1. from Nicola to Doug (Secretaries), 
  2. from Astrid to John (Treasurers), 
  3. and from Rick to Lena (Presidents). 

John, Doug and I, each of us received a case of paper documents, corresponding to our new roles, and hours of specialized training. Debbie was present for a part of the meeting via Skype.

All former board members had offered their future support.

John will be responsible for our finances and membership.
Doug will be responsible for our documentation and inventory.

Thanks to all participants of the transition board meeting, especially to Nicola, Astrid, and Rick - your warm enthusiasm, knowledge, and the enormous amount of work done are highly appreciated!