Board of Directors

Primary Responsibilities:
Web development
Lena Nechet
Web Developer
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My Responsibilities
HFSD public relations, organization, meeting coordination, web development and design - the website programming, graphics, and articles.
My Accomplishments
Created the site, got an excellent free hosting for it, put us on the map and into search engines, made a film, streamlined the operation and the Outreach Booth support.
My Interest in Humanism
I grew up as a science-based atheist (in relation to believe) and agnostic (in relation to knowledge). I was never indoctrinated in an religion and build up my moral code on my own. I call myself a secular humanist because Humanism reflects on some of my core values - mutual respect, care about environment and other forms of life, using scientific methodology together with deep ethics.
My Background
I am a fine art painter, an economist by training, a web designer in the past, and I teach languages.
My Values
Friendship, peace, freedom of expression, art, fruitarianism.
My Vision
I would like to unite all humanists in the area for mutual support and making some progress toward more ethical and beautiful life.