Board of Directors

Directors of the Humanist Fellowship Board, members of the Board.

 All our Board Directors are volunteers who contribute to the Fellowship financially and with time and talent.

Three of the Board Directors - President, Treasure, and Secretary - are the legally defined Officers of the not-for-profit Corporation, who report to the State.

To become a Director of the HFSD Board you need to become a Fellow and submit our candidacy to the Board.

Official Board of Directors Meetings of the nonprofit. HFSD Fellows and invited members of the community are welcome!

We meet every 3rd month - March, June, September, and December - on a 3rd Saturday at 3 pm in Balboa Park.

This event is posted on HFSD public calendar and has 3 reminders: 3 weeks, 3 days, and 3 hours prior to the meeting.

Please RSVP 3 weeks prior with agenda topics, 3 days before the start - required.

Agenda and results:


Reports by HFSD Executive Directors.