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The President is missing - James Patterson

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DÁTUM: 2018
MÉRET: 10,71
ISBN: 9781780898407
SZERZŐ: James Patterson


The President is missing leírása `The dream team delivers big time ... Clinton's insider secrets and Patterson's storytelling genius make this the political thriller of the decade.' - Lee Child The President is Missing. The world is in shock. But the reason he's missing is much worse than anyone can imagine. With details only a President could know, and the kind of suspense only James Patterson can deliver. `A bullet train of a thriller. The Day of the Jackal for the twenty-first century.' - A.J. Finn, author of The Woman in the Window 'This book moves like Air Force One. Big and fast.' - Michael Connelly, author of the Harry Bosch series 'The President Is Missing is a big, splashy juggernaut of a novel, combining thrills with a truly authentic look at the inner happenings in Washington. I read it in one gulp. You will too.' - Harlan Coben, #1 bestselling author of Don't Let Go `Yes, The President is Missing is fiction - it's a thriller - but James Patterson and I have come up with three of the most frightening days in the history of the presidency. And it could really happen... These days, the seemingly impossible can happen. And it happens so fast. I believe that readers will not soon forget President Jonathan Duncan and his story.' - Bill Clinton `Needless to say, we had some great conversations about the presidency, what life in Washington is really like, and about the state of America and the rest of the world.' - James Patterson `I felt like I was right along with the characters for the shocking twists and turns you'll never guess are coming. Patterson and Clinton have created a truly unique character in their `missing' President. The President is Missing puts the listener inside the White House and inside the mind of a President grappling with extraordinary circumstances.' - Dennis Quaid on the audiobook of The President is Missing 'Relentless in its plotting and honest in its examination of issues that strike close to our hearts.' - Jeffery Deaver 'A first-rate collaboration from a couple of real pros! Engrossing from page one.' - David Baldacci 'vivid, engrossing - and authentically frightening.' - Carl Hiaasen, author of Razor Girl 'The President is Missing is more than a thriller - it's a skeleton key that lets you inside the head of a U.S. president.' - Brad Meltzer, author of The Escape Artist 'From the pens of two American icons comes a political thriller that rocks... a helluva story.' - Nelson DeMille, author of The Cuban Affair 'The President Is Missing is heart-pounding, gripping, terrifying... a genuinely masterful thriller. My knuckles are still white!' - Louise Penny, #1 bestselling author of Glass Houses 'Marry the political savvy of Bill Clinton with the craftsmanship of James Patterson and you get a fabulously entertaining thriller that is meticulous in its portrayal of Washington politics, gripping in its pacing, and harrowing in its depiction of the perils of cyberwarfare.' - Ron Chernow, #1 bestselling and Pulitzer Prize-winning author of Alexander Hamilton and Grant 'Compelling from page one. A fantastic read!' - Mary Higgins Clark, #1 bestselling author of I've Got My Eyes on You the classic tropes of a big commercial thriller ... The President Is Missing: Roman (dt. Ausgabe): ... ... . . . but the authors resist pure escapism . . . The pleasure of this book is in imagining the wild tales Clinton might disclose about his own years as President, if only he could." »The President Is Missing« ist sein erster Roman. James Patterson, geboren 1947, ist einer der erfolgreichsten Autoren im Spannungsgenre überhaupt. Zahlreiche Bestseller, vor allem um den Kriminalpsychologen Alex Cross, machten ihn international bekannt. Die weltweite Gesamtauflage seiner Romane liegt b ... The President Is Missing (novel) - Wikipedia ... . Die weltweite Gesamtauflage seiner Romane liegt bei 375 Millionen Exemplaren. The President is Missing puts the listener inside the White House and inside the mind of a President grappling with extraordinary circumstances.' - Dennis Quaid on the audiobook of The President is Missing 'Relentless in its plotting and honest in its examination of issues that strike close to our hearts.' While The President is Missing promises details only a president could know, it's decidedly not an autobiography. You can tell because Bill Clinton's full name is William Jefferson Clinton. The president at the centre of The President is Missing! 7 —you know, the one who is missing—is named Jonathan Lincoln Duncan. They are completely ... The President Is Missing is a computer simulation game written by Paul Norman for the Commodore 64 and published by Cosmi in 1988. The game came with an audio cassette with different recordings and an anonymous note signed by "Saduj" (Judas in reverse). An unprecedented collaboration between President Bill Clinton and the world's best-selling novelist, James Patterson, The President Is Missing is a breathtaking story from the pinnacle of power. Full of what it truly feels like to be the person in the Oval Office - the mind-boggling pressure, the heartbreaking decisions, the exhilarating ... "The President Is Missing" reveals as many secrets about the U.S. government as "The Pink Panther" reveals about the French government. And yet it provides plenty of insight on the former ... The President is Missing by James Patterson and Bill Clinton describes an America in which playing politics has become more important than being patriotic. In the midst of wondering who he can trust with highly classified information about a terrorist threat, President Jonathon Lincoln Duncan must rise above the politics to save the country he ... President's Chief of Staff. Aka: Carrie. Lester: Rhodes: Speaker of the House. Danny: Akers: President's oldest friend. White House counsel. Jenny: Brickman: Deputy Chief of Staff and President's senior political advisor. Michael: Dukakis: Democrat who ran for President and lost in 1988 (real). Suliman: Cindoruk: Sons of Jihad (SOJ) leader. 2 ... The President Is Missing is a can't-miss zinger of a title for a summer thriller.. And the names on the, er, masthead are grabbers, too: Bill Clinton and James Patterson. Download >> The President Is Missing: A Novel. [PDF/Epub] The President Is Missing by Bill C | › Forums › Sports 23 mei 2018 - 1 post - ‎1 auteur The President Is Missing Bill Clinton [mobi free], {mobi download} The President Is Missing by Bill Clinton .mobi download, Mobi/Ebook The ...!!!DOWNLOAD EBOOK!!! One implication of the title is that the United States is currently missing a president in an all too real sense: Donald Trump is an impostor, an aberration, unfit for office. 'If I have to lose this office to protect this country,' Duncan says at one point, 'I will do it.'...